More About Me

As I mentioned in my Welcome post, I think of myself as a life-long learner. I have always continued to educate myself in the latest technologies and attempted to gain the most valid certifications. This has included obtaining my Master’s Degree in Business Information Technology, PMP certification, CISSP certification, AWS, and numerous Azure certifications. The latest list of certifications is why the “Captain Hyper-scaler” nickname has been given to me by some co-workers. </p>

While I continued my path to learn, I found that I had an interest in sharing this knowledge with others. This led me down the road to Product Management and Marketing, and most recently, to becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer. I truly enjoy sharing what I know and have learned to others, and find gratification in the success of those around me from either a service message that I have crafted, or a certification passed from attending a course that I have taught.

As we continue the journey on this site, please share your thoughts and feedback. I want this life of learning to continue for everyone. Enjoy!