What is next in 2023

In my previous post, I provided a review of 2022 with my professional, personal, and community accomplishments https://captainhyperscaler.github.io/about-updates/2022/12/23/the-year-in-review-twenty-two/.

In this post, I want to share with you a preview of what to expect in 2023.

This will include what my goals are professionally, personally, and within the community in 2023. Let’s start with professional goals.

2023 Professional goals

In 2022, I took on a new role within Atos to expand our Cloud Security practice globally. This included advocacy, team enablement, and regional business support of opportunities. This will include expanding training and certifications for cloud security within all teams. This includes leveraging my (ISC)2 Authorized Instructor to add more CISSP and CCSP certifications within the team, and MCT for more Microsoft security certifications.

I launched a podcast to continue to promote and educate the market on Cloud and Cyber Security from Atos as a global leader in Managed Security Services for AWS, Microsoft, and Google clouds. This is currently on Sound Cloud with hopes to add this to Spotify and Apple podcasts in 2023. https://soundcloud.com/atos_se/sets/head-securely-in-the-clouds

2023 Personal goals

From a personal perspective, I focus on possible certifications for coming year. I have two specific certification goals for 2023, and then some outliers that I may pursue.

I do continuously plan to learn new technology and expand my knowledge in Cloud and Cyber Security, but also am not strongly focused on too many new certifications in 2023. I have 13 Microsoft Associate adn Expert certifications that will require the renewal assessments on an annual basis now. And the requirement of AWS and Google to retake certifications every three years makes me hesitant to dive deep into their certification programs. I do plan on obtaining the AWS Security Engineer Specialty and one other professional or specialty AWS certification in 2023. The need for these two are required to become an AWS Partner Ambassador.

In addition, I plan to prepare for the (ISC)2 Certified Authorization Professional (CAP), or Certified in Goverance, Risk, and Compliance (CGRC), as it will be known in February 2023. I believe that having this certification will round out my vendor independent cybersecurity certifications nicely, and also allow me to teach this certification course.

To get a jump on that certification, I had planned on completing the last of the (ISC)2 certificate programs for Risk Management Practitioner in early 2023. https://www.isc2.org/certificate/Risk-Management-Practitioner-Certificates. I ended up completing this before the new year and adds to my 2022 accomplishments. I highlight recommend these great courses.

In addition, my third book from Packt Publishing starts shipping on 6 January 2023. https://aka.ms/dwaynesbooks

I hope to continue as a Microsoft MVP and an AWS Community Builder in 2023, along with my MCT Regional Lead being renewed later in the year for another term as well. I have additional goals to be a Microsoft Regional Director and an AWS Partner Ambassador. The latter is pending some additional certifications from AWS to qualify.

2023 Community goals and activities

As I have done in previous years, I will continue to speak and contribute to community user groups. I also hope to speak at various conferences in the coming year, such as Microsoft Ignite, (ISC)2 Security Congress, and AWS re:Invent or re:Enforce.

I have said this in previous years, but want to stand behind it in 2023 with averaging a blog post per month, at a minimum.

I also plan to continue Azure Back to School https://azurebacktoschool.github.io in 2023 with Derek Smith’s assistance. I have also opened a call for speakers for an AWS focused event, https://sessionize.com/awsome-new-year-kick-start/. This was originally planned for February 2023, but may move out a couple of months to allow for speakers to submit their contributions.

Community events that I hope to contribute again in 2023 include, among others:


As you can see, there is a lot come in 2023. This is not a complete list as more will come up as teh year progresses. I may add to this as the year progresses and goals/activities change. Feel free to connect and follow me.

Happy New Year! and see you in 2023…