What Can Certifications Do for Me?

In previous articles, we have discussed where to start your cloud journey with Azure, AWS, and GCP. We also answered the question “Are certifications valued by organizations?”. In this article, we will answer the all important WIFM question, “What can certifications do for me?”.

We will categorize this topic into three sections: resume building, negotiation, and professional growth.

Resume building includes what you do to get noticed. Certifications are what recruiters search for on job sites or social media to find candidates that may fill a role in an organization. So, having certifications can get you noticed. Having the more sought after certifications help you get noticed more often. If applying directly for a position with a company, having a certification that they require could help get your resume to the top of the pile. Therefore, building your resume with certifications should get you noticed more often.

Negotiation is obviously important to get the most value for your services. Understanding the organizational needs for the certifications that you have give you some potential leverage in negotiations. See the post link above for more about certification value to organizations. Doing this could help you to increase your earning potential and base salary. In addition to negotiating to obtain a job, you should think about what incentives the organization has for you as you gain them within the organization.

Professional growth and development in your current position by adding certifications targeted to the needs of the organization can help to increase your promotability and earning potential. Continue to be plugged in and knowledgeable about what the company is promoting through marketing, what training is being offered, and what positions are opening that may interest you. Then focus your studies and exams to those roles.

Maintaining a knowledge of both company and industry direction can easily guide you to the best certification paths, and increase your growth and earning potential. Make yourself a valuable asset to your current or future organization through getting certified.

Good luck on your cloud journey.