AzureBacktoSchool Kick off 2020


It’s September 1st, 2020. Today marks the first day of this month long event to learn more about Azure services. When I thought about this idea in February, the reason was to create an event as the summer ends to get everyone excited about learning Azure along the same lines of the Azure Advent Calendar and Azure Spring Clean. I had no idea how everyone’s lives would change within weeks after I started planning.

September in the US marks the start of the new school year, but this September is much different. Most companies worldwide are still on WFH orders, Microsoft Ignite is virtual, and many students at both grade school and University level are virtual. Having three children in school at elementary, high school, and adult transition, plus a wife that is teaching first grade… Our house is extremely stressed out right now.

So, in an effort to keep this event a positive experience for everyone, let’s set aside what is going on around us once a day and enjoy this great content that is provided by outstanding community members from around the world. The contributors are made up of a number of MVPs, Microsoft FTEs (Full-time employees), and MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainers), so this group of people know there stuff!

The content is going to be made up of a combination of blog posts, videos, or both. Each day the links to the new content will go live on the Azure Back to School page: Videos will be posted on the Captain Hyper-scaler YouTube channel in the Azure Back to School playlist, so please subscribe to be notified of new videos.

Follow the hashtag #AzureBacktoSchool on Twitter for the daily post for new content.

I want to thank all of these contributors for their willingness to participate to what I hope becomes an annual event.

We will kick this off with a bonus video this week from my “Breaking Down the Network Chains” video series. If you have been following this series, I have been providing weekly videos to fill what I saw as a void in content specific to the network components of the Azure ecosystem. I have added Network Watcher to this list of services, and it will premiere on September 1 to kick off #AzureBacktoSchool. Find this video link at

Thank you very much. I hope that you enjoy the event and learning about Azure this month. Have a great day and stay safe!