What I have learned about DNS and Route 53 on AWS

This is the seventh post of content for preparing yourself for becoming an AWS Solutions Architect Associate.

In this post, we are going to focus on DNS with Route 53 within AWS.

As I have done previously let’s look at the similarities and differences to the closest equivalent in Azure. As I go through this section, I will point out some of the similar platforms. In regards to DNS, Route 53 relates to Azure DNS zones for public DNS https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/dns/dns-zones-records.

The routing policies for Route 53 can be accomplished in a similar fashion on Azure utilizing user-defined routes. The different routing policy types within Route 53 are defined within Azure with Traffic Manager, Azure Front Door, or Application Gateway policies.

Route 53 DNS

Elastic load balancers are always resolved using a DNS name.

Alias (A) record is the address

CNAME is the directed to another address. Cannot use naked domains (omitting www for example). Require an A record.

SOA - start of authority

NS - name server record. Used by top level domain to direct traffic to the content DNS server.

MX records for email

Domain names are available for purchase within AWS. Domains can take up to 3 days to register.

Route 53 routing policies:

Routing policies are handled within the A records (IPv4 addresses).

I hope that you are enjoying this information so far. It is helping me to continue to comprehend these services as I prepare for the exam myself. Thank you very much.

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