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  • Security, Compliance, and Identity exams

    Microsoft is releasing four (4) new exams that are currently available in beta. These exams combine services across Microsoft 365 and Azure to create an exciting new Security, Compliance, and Identity track of exams. I have already scheduled to sit for the beta exams, and will be taking these...

  • Gimme Shelter Part 2 - M365 Security

    Gimme Shelter Part 2…M365 Security

    This is a continuation of the two (2) part security series titled “Gimme Shelter”. The importance of securing your cloud and hybrid resources never decreases.

    Part 1 of this series concluded on Friday, January 29 with Azure Sentinel, Part 1. The episodes in this series focused on Azure security services, technologies,...

  • Your Brand...Does it help?

    Many of us out on social media create our own brand or “handle” that they use for Twitter and/or blog sites. I, myself, took that step in the fall of 2019 with the creation of Captain Hyper-scaler. It started with this blog site and as the past 18 months...

  • 2021...Let's make some Goals

    2020 was challenging in many ways to many. I’m not going to dwell on that, but I do wish anyone reading this continued health, happiness, and safety to them and their families.

    As I summarized in my last post 2020…a reflection, the year was personally and professionally fulfilling for...